31 may. 2015

Letterpress Festival # 2

- I was invited by Nick and Harriet at the second Letterpress Fest in Bristol, last week. I was touring with LCDD when we reached Bristol to close the festival. We played a few bended tunes, had a nice Indian supper and slept in a caravan over the roof. In the morning, I was instructed to the secrets of the Swiss proof press by Helen. I had 8 pages and half of a cover to stamp under the roller. I took advantage of a nice wooden font and printed 40 copies of this fanzine.
- Y' a pas que la Drum and Bass à Bristol, y' a aussi le collectif Letterpress et ces typos en bois. J'ai profité de l'invitation du second Letterpress Fest pour imprimer ces quelques pages.
- Aquí me tenéis planchando 8 páginas de lino con una linda prensa de prueba durante mi estancia en el segundo Letterpress Fest. También estaban Jorge y Helen.

20 may. 2015

LCDD goes U.K.

- Here we go, swimming over the channel. One gig in Glasgow, three in London and the last in Bristol. So if you are living on the island, you have 3 winner horses to gamble for.
- J'ai taillé ces gravures pour inonder le Royaume Uni de merchandising. 37 linos à vendre en 5 concerts; ça devrait le faire...
- Hoy es el día sin música. Una manifestación en contra del I.V.A. abusivo que grava los conciertos al 21%. Hoy no escucharás música, solo ruido (gratis).