25 abr 2018

Bitte cunt

-Yesterday I received this promising message:

"Good morning...

Do not pay attention on my grammar, Im foreign.I uploaded our malicious program on your system.Now I pilfered all personal info from your system. In addition I got a little bit more compromising.The most entertaining evidence that I stole- its a videotape with your self-abusing.I set virus on a porn site and after you loaded it. As soon as you chose the video and tapped on a play button, my malicious software at once set up on your OS.

After setup, your camera made the videotape with you masturbating,  in addition it saved precisely the video you masturbated on. In next week my deleterious soft captured all your social media and email contacts.

If you want to destroy all the evidence- pay me 740 united state dollar in Bitcoins.

Its my Btc wallet address - 15YchU76xNJ6F62ScyD7fu9mrSXWz9GBbh

You have 22 hours to go from this moment. If I receive transaction I will destroy the compromising evermore. Other way I will send the video to all your friends."

I was very exited by the offer: a free buzz for all my cybernetic contacts. Soon all my friends and relatives will know about me. I waited impatiently 22 hours; then.... nothing happened. I look deeply into the web, in search of my intimate film without success. I only found this portrait from the "Formidable Magazine" and it's far from being pornographic. At least, it catches me at home showing my privacy in process, illustrated with a meta-portrait of Phineas Newborn Jr shot by Tav Falco from his book An Iconography Of Chance. It won't be paranoid to believe in a new algorithm watching over my integrity. Or may some of you pay those 740 Bitcoins to the blackmailer?