13 nov 2014

Destroy All Monster

Détruire tous les monstres! Mike Kelley, Jim shaw et Cary Loren accompagnent Niagara dans sa chute au fond de la cave de l'église du drive-in de l'oasis de Dieu. Munster Records édite un coffret rétrospectif de 3 disques rassemblant les premiers enregistrements du fond de la cave, les 45 tours et le direct. Du bruit à "haut voltage", de l'aspirateur au riffs du Stooges Asheton. Un joli bordel où j'ai planté les doigts jusqu'au fond de la prise pour accommoder le graphisme proto-punk du fanzine originel avec l'égocentrisme des monstres survivants. Pour les fétichistes il existe aussi une version double CD. Le livret est plus petit mais les galettes brillent sur chrome. Godzilla bouffe des algues pendant que D.A.M. vous crève les tympans.
Ya está girando Destroy All Monsters por los tocatas Ibéricos. Diseñé la caja editada por Munster records en vinilo. También existe un doble CD para los fetichistas retro-vintage. Las galletas me salieron exquisitas. El barrio sigue temblando por el paso del torbellino Sue Rynski autora de las mejores fotos del artefacto. ¡High Energy en Malasaña! Un pedazo de Detroit visitó el underground Madrileño. Gracias por su visita.
From deep abyss of the Pacific Ocean appears a radioactive mutant. He walks over the Japan island to fight against other extraordinary giant creature. He came to DESTROY ALL MONSTERS.
Twenty years after his appearance on the screen, Godzilla reaches the shore of "God's oasis drive-in church" basement where Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, Cary Loren and Niagara orchestrated his growling with a vacuum cleaner, squeezed toys, a violin and other coffee cans. The monster gave his approval in a scream during the comic book convention of '74 new year's eve in Anna Arbor, Michigan. This unit of four performer artists muted into musicians lasted for two years. "That D.M.A. was to begin a non to semi-structured psychedelic sound and various artistic off shoots the band produced. Strange musical combinations were made by overlapping the sound of scratchy violin, distorted guitar work, multiple tape loops, drum box and decadent vocals." dixit Cary Loren in Destroy All Monsters Magazine #4.
In the summer of '76 Mike Kelley and Jim Shaw left the band to follow their art studying in California. They will reach fame and glory in museums and art galleries. The lonely couple of lovers then enrolled the Miller brothers, Ben, Laurence and Roger to follow the monstrous destruction of "anti-rock". The brothers were experienced musicians and induced the band music in a more structured, still strange skill. Later Cary nailed a six pack of beer to a hook and fished a big fish from the Detroit river. Ron Asheton came to the rehearsing place, finished the beer and agreed to join forces. His "New Order" was out of function, Mike Davis would soon be released from jail and this could be a good band to jam with his "MC5" pal. Roger Miller left to Boston where he starts the seminal "Mission of Burma" and Rob King replaced him behind the drums.
If the cross of a whale and a gorilla worked out for Godzilla, the mix of five musicians with a couple of artists didn't match so well. The musicians kept the lipstick painted front woman and drop out her lover. Cary Loren lost his girlfriend, his band and his mind at the same time. He celebrated the goal in a psychiatric institute for a short journey. The band kept on going. Soon the Miller Brothers also explored a different track with "Xanadu" and Destroy All Monsters completed the mutation from experimental to straight high energy punk rock.