3 jul 2019

kuš! komiksi

- David and Sanita from kuš! comix, used to stay at home when 
they come in Madrid to exhibit their publications at Libros 
Mutantes. We trade old illustrated books and contacts from our 
respective fanzine. They have access to nice eastern european 
illustrators in Riga. I find cool western european books in 
Madrid's flea market. Well, kuš! is much more an international 
publication in full color than a fanzine, but we share the same 
public (this, I want to believe). They stopped coming to the 
book fair, but we keep in touch, resulting those 6 pages drawn 
for the BONKERS issue. I don't publish that much in full color. 
So if you like this page, you should buy the book before it ends 
up in an aesthete trader's wanted list for collectors from western
and eastern flea markets.
 - Aquí una de las 6 páginas dibujadas para el último número 
BONKERS de kuš! comics. ¿Eres un comprador "online"? 
Te lo ponen fácil.
- Le format de kuš! comic est tellement petit, que je ne pouvais 
pas dessiner plus de 4 vignettes par page. Par contre, la revue 
est toute en couleur.